Monday, October 3, 2016

September 26, Transfers and Such

I'm a week behind so this week you get 2!!!!!  She is such an awesome missionary!  I'm one proud mama!

Heyo Everybody!
This week was superb, but sadly I am getting transferred out of the 
Tongan stake! I am going to be pink washing (when they kick elders
 out and put sisters in) the Taylorsville North Stake. My new companions 
name is Sister Greene.  I'm sad to be leaving so many awesome people and 
to be leaving Sister Afungia again!

This week we found out that Crystal got married and so now she is
 on date for October 15! She was taught back in Washington and for
 some reason there was some miscommunication or something and she
 didn't get baptized there. She is excited to be baptized and absolutely loved 
women's conference!

Siua and Honoree are doing awesome! Siua went through the temple 
two weeks ago and received his endowment! It was the first time 
Honoree had been back in awhile and she had a really neat experience
 while she was there!

Sheri is doing awesome too! We hadn't seen her in awhile because 
she was all sick and afflicted but she's better now! She told us she 
wanted to go to church this week as soon as we got there. She basically
 bore her testimony to us telling us that when she went to church when 
she was younger she was happier and she's feeling happier now that 
she's starting to go back!

Also something fun that happened was that we got to got to two 
propinara programs this Sunday and one of them was basically all in 
Tongan! All these little chilluns got up there and just raddled stuff off. 
Generally the younger generation can understand Tongan but can't 
speak it so it was really neat to see these super young kiddos speaking 
Tongan even though I had no idea what they were saying. 

It has been so great serving here! When I'm at church I don't know 
what they are saying but I can feel the Spirit and that is so neat because 
the Spirit speaks all languages. I feel I've learned a lot while out here 
and have been blessed to be here. Heavenly Father truly does know 
what we need when we need it. I love you all and hope you have a 
great week and enjoy General conference!

Siua and Honoree 

Crystal from the Marshall Islands 

Sister Afungia fell asleep in the car



All the Sisters in the zone after temple day at Bountiful

The most promising door I have ever knocked on... of course it was a member😜image6.JPG

Elder Angsioco forgot his name tag... but I always carry and extra!

The zone!

I saw this sign and chuckled a bit

Sister Tomkinson

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