Sunday, November 27, 2016

November &, 2016

Heyo World out YONDER!

So we got TRANSFER calls this week and I will be staying in my area!
My companion is getting transfer and my new companion is Sister
Poepoe. So fun fact me and Sister Poepoe went to BYU-H together and we
never thought we'd get one companions! Anyway I'm super excited!

So we picked up a new investigator this week! His name is Jesse and
he's awesome! Missionaries were teaching him about a year ago and then
he moved. His girlfriend is a member and they are pretty great. Jesse
hasn't really grown up religious or even spiritual so he's kind of
starting from the beginning. When he was being taught before he was
going to church pretty consistently and he said he really liked it!
Then stuff got in the way like work and other random stuff. He said
he's ready to start coming back and learning more!

Anthony is doing fantastic! Usually when he comes to church (which can
is pretty much every week) he only goes to sacrament meeting. THIS
later that night and he said he really liked it! He had some questions
about what was taught and we were able to talk them out and help him
figure out some more stuff.

ROD AND JENLEI. Ok so confession, they aren't in my area anymore and
I'm not teaching them anymore. BUT I am kept very informed because of
the missionaries that are there and because of them. So Rod bore his
testimony in church on Sunday! Also Jenlei has a baptismal date for
November 18! She is also getting married that same morning!

Sorry there was a ton of excitement in that section, but man the
gospel is just awesome. It's really amazing to get to see how the
atonement can change lives when we let allow it to. I feel like I have
learned so much out here and am so grateful for the opportunity to
serve! I know the Lord loves and He knows and loves us individually. I
love you all and hope you have a great week!