Friday, February 10, 2017

February 6, 2017 HELLO YA ALL!

Heyo everybody! Sorry it's been awhile but I figured I'd give ya an
update since stuff has happened! Ok so I got transferred and I am now
covering TWO stakes! The Kearns south stake and the West Jordan
Westbrook stake. So now here's the tricky part... we live in
taylorsville which is part of our area but we also cover parts of
Kearns and West Jordan... I tell you what though I don't know where
I'm at half the time. Utah is weird😬 Also I got a new companions and
her name is Sister Milligan and she's pretty great! So I've only met a
couple of people so far but they all see, fantastic!

CAITLIN. Ok so she's super great! She's a single mom and has been
going through a rough time and next thing you know... MISSIONARIES. So
since she's been meeting with missionaries she's been praying and
that's not something's she's ever done. She says she feels more peace
in her life since she's been doing that and her prayers have been
answered! So she's pretty great!

ALYSSA. So we met with her on Friday and it was our first meeting with
her. Her friend from work invited her to meet with us and it was
pretty neat. She's doesn't have any religious background and so it's
kind of different teaching her because people we usually teach have
either met with missionaries in the past or they are members that
don't go anymore but would like to come back. So r we talked about
prayer and had the opening prayers she was like WOW ITS FEELS MORE
PEACEFUL. So that was pretty neat. We also taught her the restoration
and we will be meeting with her next week as well.

KYNDRA. She's is 8 and turning 9 at the end of February. Her mom wants
her to understand what baptism and what it's all about so she can make
a choice for herself. She is super smart and knows quite a bit. She
has lots of younger siblings so it was a lot of fun to get to teach
them all.

But man I just want you guys to know how many miracles we are
constantly witnessing but don't recognize it. It truly is a blessing
to be out here at this time. The Lord is just so good and loves us all
so much and that is something I am constantly learning and relearning
this. So no matter what you are going through the Lord is watching out
for you. Love you all! Have a fantastic week!