Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 15,2016

HEYO everybody!!

Sorry I've been a slacker! Feel free to get on me about that anytime I
promise I'll work on it! Ok anyway... So we got transfer calls on
Saturday and I will be leaving Tooele. Saddest day ever. I've been in
this area for 6 months now and I have lots of family here now. BUT. IM
GOING TO THW TONGAN STAKE. That's right, you read it correctly. This
kid is going to be covering 9 Tongan wards. Woot woot! It now makes
sense why I've had so many poly companions (I've had 5 polys and 3
white comps). I am also getting my greenie back... SISTER AFUNGIA.
We've only been apart for 6 weeks but I guess we really were meant to
serve together!

Everybody here is doing great! This weekend we had stake conference
and Elder Chidester from the 70 came out and made a couple visits to
some of our people! So here's a really neat miracle. Elder Chidester
told the stake presidency that he wanted to visit 2 families while he
was out here. So the stake presidency has been praying about this for
awhile. Last week President Frailey called us into his office (we
thought we were gonna have to speak) and asked us who we thought they
should visit. We both decided that they should visit the Kenecht
family. Afterwards... We were talking to President Frailey about how
they chose names and they said that last week they had narrowed down
the names of the whole stake to 3 and the presidency went separate
ways and prayed about it. They all came together and they all got the
same answer. The Kenechts. So it was super cool because the Spirit
told us the Kenechts and the stake presidency! When we visited them
Travis was tearing up and saying it was an answer to his prayers!
Travis and Stacy are both close to baptism and even more sure about

Man, I know this work is true. I know the teachings of Christ are
absolutely true. I have never been happier than I have been out here
and I know it is because it is of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I've
have been so blessed to see so many miracles out here and especially
this area. Tooele North Stake will always have a big piece of my
heart. It's the small and simple things that make the difference. It's
like when you're baking and you keep the thing in the oven for 2 extra
minutes, it's a small thing but it is necessary and it makes all the
difference! It's the same with prayers, scriptures and church. By
small and simple things are great things brought to pass! Remember you
are sons and daughters of the most high God and he loves you with and
individual love. He sees you as beings with infinite potential and He
loves you for who you are and where you're at today. It's never to
late and it's never too early to follow the Savior. I love you all and
hope you have a glorious week!

Sister Tomkinson