Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 Conference and Mystery Busses!

Heyo World Out Yonder!
The Taylorsville North Central Stake is awesome! Usually when we
whitewash (take two missionaries out and put brand new ones in) it
takes awhile to pick up the area, but this time it's going pretty
quick! This week we've been working on meeting with our ward mission
leaders, bishops, and relief society presidents to see how we can
help. We've been able to set up a few new appointments for next week
as well!

The first person we met was David. He was baptized not too long ago so
we're just doing the after baptism lessons with him. He's a super
sweet kid and he remembers quite a bit! He likes to share jokes so we
made a deal that we would tell jokes after the lesson.

We also met John. He's an awesome guy working on coming back to
church. The elders hadn't taught him before so he's starting with us.
He has a daughter named Emma and she wants to start going back to
church as well. She loves going to mutual and young womens.

Now this guy, Anthony Evans, is a solid individual! He wants to get
the priesthood and get to the temple. When we got there he set the
expectations! He said, "One if my past missionaries said 'if' I get
the priesthood. I told him what do you mean 'if'?? This is a 'WHEN'
thing." We said, " OH GOOD. WE ARE WHEN MISSIONARIES." So yeah,
Anthony is a pretty cool guy.

Ok so now for the subject line. So we got to attend the Saturday
morning session of general conference and it was Sister Greene's first
time! Now we don't have a car anymore so we ended up taking the tracks
to get there. We don't really know anybody so we walked to the tracks
station which was a ways off. So on the way back we saw a bus station
and decided to do that because we were both super tired. Weellll... we
might have gotten on the wrong bus and ended up by my last apartment
headed the wrong way! So we went to my last apartment and watched
conference there.

Through all the shenanigans of white washing and all, I wouldn't take
it back for anything. This Gospel has blessed my life and I know the
Savior lives and loves each and every one of us. The road isn't always
as smooth as we'd sometimes like, but it is always worth it. I love
you guys and hope you have a great week!

Sister Tomkinson

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