Sunday, September 11, 2016

Golden Investigator September 11

Ok so we have been working like crazy to find new people to teach and
it has been great! We found two new people! Woot woot. Also one of our
people went to the temple and he and his wife are going to get sealed
soon. So yeah Tongan stake is fun! Sorry I haven't written in a
while.... I'm repenting I promisešŸ˜

So this week we found Jenley and she is soooo awesome and way
prepared! She is from Guam and came to America to avoid an arranged
marriage. She has heard about the church her whole life but hasn't met
with missionaries because her family wouldn't let her. But anyway her
fiancƩ (Rod) is a returned missionary and has been teaching her stuff
and she has been coming to church when she doesn't work. She loves the
idea of families being together forever and told us she wants to be
baptized and sealed to Rod! She told us that she feels something is
missing and she thinks this is it. It was way exciting to see the
difference in her between just the first and second visit! We're super
excited to keep working with her!

Our other new person were teaching is Sherri. We found her looking
through our area book. So she actually has no Tongan connections but
decided she wants to try to the Tongan ward anyway. She grew up in the
church but was never baptized. She told us she is ready for some
positive and wants to go to church and get baptized! She is super
sweet and we're excited to work with her!

Last week we found somebody new to teach as well. Her name is Crystal
and she is also super prepared!! She is from the Marshall Islands but
has lived over here for awhile. She met with missionaries over in
Washington but didn't end up getting baptized. This time as we were
teaching her she told us she knows it's all true and wants to get
baptized! She will be getting married here in a few weeks and wants to
get baptized after.

We have seen so many miracles out here and I feel so blessed to be
serving where I am. I'm so grateful for the atonement and how it
enables us to change and grow. I'm grateful for all of you and hope
you all have a fantastic week! Love ya!

Sister Tomkinson