Thursday, June 23, 2016

JUNE 13, 2016 (Just a little behind)

This week has been glorious and soooo full of miracles! Well actually
the last couple week have been great.. Sorry I've been a slacker at
doing posts and stuff... BUT! We've had two baptisms in the past two
weeks and we have more coming up! My mission president came to the one
this past Saturday and there is a really embarrassing story to go with
it! But anyway I'll get to that later!

Ok so about a month ago we got a referral for a lady who just moved in
a few months ago. We went to go see her and she was real frustrated
about a bunch of stuff. But we kept on visiting her just to let her
know we loved her. Her husband isn't a member and wasn't at all
interested. He had a rough experience a few years back. Recently he
had some medical problems but he wasn't in Utah and so long story
short the elders there gave him a blessing and a bunch of other small
miracles have happened and he told us he wants to start working
towards baptism again! WOOT WOOT! Seriously a huge miracle!

We've also been meeting with this guy named Randy. He met with
missionaries awhile ago but something kept getting in his way. He
called us and was like can we set up a time to meet? I want to work on
getting baptized! Yes. Yes Randy we can do that. So he's been doing
great and just has a strong desire to learn and come closer to
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ!

Another one is Katherine. So I've been in this area for close to 4ish
months now and we're set up so many appointments with her and her
family but they ALWAYS cancelled. Well she shot us a text one day
asking if we could meet and have a lesson. I almost cried! So we've
met with her a few times now and she wants to be baptized and she's on
date for July!

So we've had a couple weeks full of miracles! Now it's time for our
embarrassing story ... So my comp likes to put her mascara on in the
car and since I'm kind of a punk I always do quick turns and quick
stops when she's doing it just for funsies... Well we were headed to
Liz's baptism and she decided to wipe some on me when we got into the
parking lot before I could even park. So I stopped right in the middle
and I was trying to wipe it on her and she was trying to wipe it on me
and we were brawling (not angrily I promise) and so we look over and
we are stopped in front of a car and we see movement inside so we
hurry and park in a real parking spot and this car pulls up next to
us... And LO and behold it was President and Sister Palmer! We were
laughing sooooo hard! But anyway they were laughing too and I'm
president will never look at us the same... But liz's baptism was
great and Nathan's baptism was great last week so it's been glorious!

Missions are crazy but they are so much fun! It's amazing how much you
learn about the gospel and about the Savior! I am seriously loving it
because the gospel is amazing and it just blesses us so much! I'm so
grateful and blessed to have the knowledge that my family can be
together forever and that I get to share it with others! I hope you
all have a glorious week and here's some pictures! Love y'all!

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