Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Heyo everybody!

This week has been glorious! There has been lots of stuff happening
and Tooele is till great! So fun fact the high school has a song that
says forever and forever in Tooele. I think it's coming true... But am

So this week we met a new investigator! His name is Barnabe. He's
pretty awesome. So we went to go contact a referral in this one
apartment complex and we weren't sure which building it was in so we
just parked somewhere off to the side. We went to the first building
we saw and Barnabe was standing there so we started talking to him! He
said he's never seen girl Mormons before. I think he really meant
sister missionaries because living in Utah there are Mormon girls
everywhere... But anyway! He said he wanted to learn more about the
church so we went and taught him on Saturday. Later he ended up
telling that when he saw us the first time he felt like he needed to
talk to us and that when we taught him the restoration he felt
something he hadn't felt before! We explained the Holy Ghost and he
said that makes sense. So yeah Barnabe is pretty great!

 Emily is also doing super great! She's just super pregnant... So
she's planning getting baptized as soon as she has her kiddo! She
always has her kids like three weeks early and that's about where
she's at right now so she said it'll be any day now. But yes, Emily is
awesome and we are way excited for her!

We also met with Wiggy and Vanessa. Those kiddos are on fire! Their
dad wants them to wait until they are twelveish to be baptized though,
so we are just praying that his heart softens! It was a good sign
though, because he called us the other day to set up an appointment
because the last time we were there they weren't sure of their
schedule. We were going to text him but he beat us to it! It's those
little miracles!

So Heavenly Father is awesome and really does watch out for us! He
knows exactly what we can handle and of how much. It has been a super
huge blessing to be out serving a mission. It's also been a huge
growing experience to train Sister Afungia! She is doing amazing and
sometimes I feel like she's been out longer than she actually has!
Both of us are learning so much and has just been a really good couple
of weeks! It seems shorter and longer all at the same time... It's
crazy! But I love you all and hope you have a great week! Remember
that you are a child of God and he loves you bunches and bunches!

Sister Tomkinson

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