Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015.......Miracles

Hey everybody!
This week has been break and crazy all in one! Everybody has been cancelling on us due to sickness and other reasons. But I've seen 3 major miracles this week!

Miracle 1: Angie King
Ok so we've been trying to get ahold of this woman since I've been here (2 and a half months!
)! On Thursday we were in her neighborhood (we are there 65% of the time because that's where majority of our work is) and we were walking by to go to some bodies house. We were gonna be about 15 minutes early so I asked if we should try again. Every time we go there she is super busy, doesn't know what her schedule is like, family in town, you name it and it's happened. Anyway after a prayer we decided to try again. So not only was she home, but she didn't have family in town, she knew what her schedule was like, and she had been reading up on Mormonism and her daughter suggested they learn more the day before! See now this is a woman I had a best 2 years experience with. We met her prolly my second week out. She didn't know what her schedule was like but she said she would call us. Me being a greenie, was super excited because I just knew she would call! My companion at the time, was not so excited because they never called. Well ya know what, she shot us a text apologizing saying her schedule was crazy but she wanted to meet with us. Shooting 2 months ahead, here we are, FINALLY with an appointment and I swear they are golden!

Miracle 2: Jason Hook
This is another guy we've been trying to get ahold of for forever and ten years! He lives way out there and there aren't very many people in his area so we don't end up over there very often. When we've been over there it been semi late so he's been going to bed because he gets up super early or he's been sick. He's had the lessons before but it's been awhile. The awesome thing was.... HE WAS AT CHURCH ON SUNDAY! We were able to set something up with him and everything! So that's pretty neat.

Miracle 3: McGary family
So earlier that night we had an appointment at 8 o'clock with this one kid. We get there and he's not home. We start going to other places and seeing other people and by this point it is about 8:30. We got a call from one of our bishops telling us about this family that just moved into his Ward. The father is less active but wants to go to church and his wife and daughter aren't members but want to look into it. They like the idea of families being together forever and being sealed in the temple. After we got off the phone with our bishop and looking at our schedule and trying to figure out when we are going to go see them, we look at their address and I kid you not, WE WERE 200 FEET FROM THEIR HOUSE. So we go to the door and we baby knock because it's super late and they have no idea who we are and no answer. We can hear stuff going on inside but we semi decided to come back another time. But no, the Spirit had other plans because all I heard in my head I FEAR NO MAN and WE WERE SEMT HERE FOR A REASON. So we knocked again, but an actual knock. They opened the door and were super excited. They said they have lots of questions but are really looking into it. So we set up an appointment and we're going to see them this coming week!

The Lord works in mysterious ways and it's all in his timing. The important thing to remember is that faith in God includes faith in His timing. We really do have to learn how to endure the storm because the deepest sorrows have brought forth the greatest joys. A mission is the best choice I've ever made. I don't understand why Heavenly Father wanted me to go so bad or why Utah, but some things we don't ever really understand. All I know is that it truly is a blessing, even when it's freezing outside and were stranded in the dark trying to figure out what to do next. The church is true, the book is blue, and Moroni is on the ball!

Sister Tomkinson

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