Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hello Everyone from Tooele UT!

Ok everybody it's been awhile and lots have happened!! I went to the MTC and i absolutely loved it!! It wasn't what I expected but I also didn't know what to expect! My companions name was sister Kemble And I just loved her! She is in the same mission as me so I'll see her and transfer meetings and such. I roomed with two other wonderful sisters named sister Farley and sister Arrington. They are both currently in the Bentonville mission right now and probably baptizing everybody!! The elders in my district were seriously all fantastic also! Most went to the Bentonville mission too. They are elders green, McDonnell, Kealer, and bedolla! I miss them like crazy! Two elders came to my mission and they are both fantastic! They are elders Stephen and Tyler! It's pretty great because elder Stephen is in my district again!  Moving on to more important matters....

Soooo I am currently in Tooele. My companions name is sister Wilcox and she's fantastic! This is her last transfer and is going home soon! I live with two other sisters and I flippin love them all!! There is sister rice and she does sign lango so that's pretty neat. I mean how neat is that!? Then there is sister soelberg! She is also fantastic and pretty much the queen of street contacting!  Anyway they are great!.... On to other matters...

So my companion and I are opening up a new area. Before we came sister rice and sister soelberg were covering one stake that consisted of TWELVE WARDS!! Yes twelve.... That's insane. Buuuut there was a stake split (hallelujah) and so now they cover six wards and we cover six wards. We got here on Tuesday and have just been trying to get to know the area and people and such. Yeah I can't keep names and stories straight it's out of control. We do everything on iPads and that's all good and dandy but we don't have wifi in our apartment. Soooo when we are planning it gets tricky. Most of the time we go mooch off of the wifi at the church.

Also I got to go to temple squAre twice this week! One was for an appointment for my companion and the other we got to take a family of investigators and it was seriously amazing! We watched a video about families and I swear in that moment I saw them being baptized! My companion says I say that about everybody sooooo.... 

Ok imma end on a funny and maybe a spiritual at the end... We'll see. So last night I kept waking myself up because I was talking in my sleep. But the thing was I wasn't just talking in my sleep... I WAS TEACHING IN MY SLEEP!! I kept waking up and thinking "why am I teaching laying down? That's not appropriate missionary behavior!" So yeah apparently my life revolves around missionary work and that's good and exciting! 

Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.
The further the sky, the greater the length.
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow
                           Douglas Malloch

Until next week! 
Sister Tom

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  1. Way cool! We lived in Tooele for 6 years. What stake are you in??